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Pentathlon Evo kit info
The Pentathlon Evolution as the name implies comes
from the Pentathlon (see pics in the "Friends" gallery).  
Small changes in several key areas, and completely
reworked structurally within the fuselage.  Click on the
picture for more details and kit pricing.
The Insight Squared (also known as V4) is a basic F3A type model that
is simplistic in design, yet capable of flying the most up through the
Masters sequence.  The construction is straightforward and light.  The
first prototype was flown on a YS140sport with a weight of 9-3/4lbs.  
Plans are free!  Just click below for each of the PDF plan sheets.  
There is a short kit laser file as well (dxf), just right click and "save as".
Voodoo plans info
This is the Nat Penton Voodoo.  The ONE and ONLY pattern plane that was designed
and refined with function as the goal...not form.  It's ultra low weight and neutral
stability offer a one of a kind flight envelope that has to be flown to appreciate.  The
yellow version seen below is powered with a YS110 at a weight of 8-1/4lbs.  This model
has been flown in FAI and Masters with exceptional results.  An electric version is
flying at 9lbs. with unbelievable performance using a Plettenburg outrunner.  This
makes plane can even 3D with the best of them.  Plans are available.
Insight v2 sheet 2 of 3
Here it is, the original Insight.  Much different in shape and layout than the final version,
but still a fair pattern bird.  The wing is conservative in taper and thickness, making it as
docile as a Kaos.  The force arrangement was exceptional for Sportsman and Intermediate
classes, but no knife edge loops without a rudder modification.  Makes a nice entry project
and the price is right, just right click on each link below and "Save As" to your computer.  
These PDF files can be printed at almost any print shop in full size.
Insight v2 sheet 1 of 3
Insight v2 sheet 3 of 3
Designed for elegance in precision
flying.  Co-designed with Dr. Mike
Harrison, every radius and line on this
airplane was scrutinized for looks and
flying quality.  Not a kit for the faint of
heart but certainly rewarding.
HarmonyII kit info
Hindsight sheet 2 of 2
Feeling adventurous?  Based on the Insight V4 (squared), the "HINDSIGHT" is something I
have wanted to build, but just never got the time.  I planned it as a "put whatever motor
you want in it" airplane.  The firewall and fuse belly are large enough to accommodate
almost any gasser, nitro, electric or rubber power.  All foam core templates are includes
on the plans along with the formers, fuse sides and general layout.  Lots of foam cores
should make the build very quick once your cores are all sheeted.  Only one kit of this
aircraft exists and I do not know if was ever built.  Details such as canopy mounting, nose
ring mounting are up to the builder.  How will it fly?  I truly do not know.  However, the
price is right for the plans, they are free, just right click on each link below and "Save As"
to your computer.  These PDF files can be printed at almost any print shop in full size.
Hindsight sheet 1 of 2
Insight V4 sheet 1 of 2
Insight V4 sheet 2 of 2
Customized Insight Idea...
Insight V4 Laser File (right click - "save as")
Insight V4 Build Notes
Hindsight short laser kit file (dxf) right click and "save as"
The Cadence Design utilizes larger fuselage side and tail
areas to enhance KE capability while also presenting
well.  Construction is mostly foam cores with a fuse-box
layout.  Cores will be available on a limited basis but the
foam cutting templates are included in the laser wood
kit.  Contact us for more details and pricing - shipping
only within continental US.
Cadence kit info
Build yourself a nice
folding workstand!

Click Here to download
full size F3A Stand Plans